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you've got questions, we've got answers

here's a selection of questions we've been asked over the last few months...


do you allow dogs in your pub? we can't believe this is a question. YES. the answer is always yes. we love dogs. maybe too much. you be the judge.

is there a designated space for them? no. they're not shafted to a particular area. dogs, and their well-behaved pawrents, are allowed anywhere in the pub. and yes, they can sit on the couches. 

do you have snacks for our canine friends? right now, we've got a selection of biscuits (normal, grain-free and ones designed specifically for puppies). we also proudly stock Denzel's dog treats which are full of healthy goodness and no added crap.

i have a brand new pupper, can I bring it in? totes up to you. it's a great chance for your new friend to socialise. it's a scary world out there. you're safe in here.

my furfriend is thirsty too, what's on offer? we have a range of Woof & Brew bevs including Pawsecco, Bottom Sniffer Beer and dog herbal teas.

but what about water? we have bowls everywhere. if you weren't offered one when you walked in, just ask at the bar.

will dave be there to greet my furiends? obvs. except some weekends where he goes on holiday to his grandpawrents. maybe we should put a flag up like the Queen does so you know when he's in residence...

why do Dachshunds lie in the shade? because they don’t want to be hot-dogs.



do you serve real ales? it wouldn't be a proper pub if we didn't. of our four pumps, two rotate each week and the other two are residential - Courage Best Bitter & Timothy Taylor Knowle Spring.

what if I'm not into ales? we've got a pretty legit selection on tap (Brixton Altantic, Beavertown Neck Oil, Birra Moretti and Old Mout Berries & Cherries to name a few) and a cracking selection of bottles. pop in and have a look for yourself.

cool, but I'm really into my gins. what's on offer? a little bit of everything from Pink Pepper, to Aviation, to Monkey 47. we're always expanding our portfolio, but we guarantee we'll have something you'll like. #ginteresting

ok, let's talk about rum... we're all over it. and we're always on the look out for new and wonderful things. have we not told you how much we love Pineapple Grenade?!

what's your wine situation? we work with one of the best small suppliers in the country to bring you a menu that's a bit different than your average pub. we still offer fan favourites like Pinot Grigio, but similar to the rest of our portfolio, we're always changing things up.

I'm not into boozing, what do you offer? we have Heineken 0.0%, Old Mout Berries & Cherries 0.0%, Ghost Ship 0.5%, BrewDog Nanny State and a completely alcohol free (and organic) Prosecco. we also have a fine selection of mocktails and soft drinks. including our fave Barr Cream Soda.

I need my daily caffeine fix, can you help me out? we've got you covered. we do coffees (hot or iced), teas, hot chocolates and chai tea lattes. if you're feeling fancy, why not chuck in some flavoured syrup (for free, obvs) for fun? p.s. we do them in biodegradable take-away cups, in case you need to get scooting. #winning

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